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Product purity is the driving force for customer preference. Our processing aids help you to differentiate your products by being purer and cleaner. Customers are now aware of how minor ingredients affect their health

Our Brands

Calgon carbon is the world’s leading supplier of granulated activated carbon and has been producing it for 75 years. This makes it the company with the largest experience in removing contaminations from your process streams or water supply. This experience will put Calgon in good stead to solve your process problems. Calgon has the largest portfolio of activated carbon in the world, with more than 100 types of carbon to effectively carry out the job of removing contaminants. Nano Tree assist its customers throughout the lifespan of its activated carbon, selection, stocking, performance diagnostics and laboratory test, assessment of life span and trouble shooting.

Chemviron’s branded Acticarbone and Anticromos wood based activated carbon are produced in France from pine forest plantations. This assures consistent quality activated carbon that are available in granular, powdered or pelletized forms. These carbons are particularly pure and are suited for specialty applications for decolorization, purification and decontamination in the pharmaceutical and food based industries. The enhanced macroporosity makes the phosphoric acid activated carbon particularly suitable for decolorization and the steam activated ones for color precursors and odors.


Purolite is a world leader in manufacturing ion exchange resin, polymeric adsorbents, chelation, catalytic and specialty resins for purification, separation and extraction in aqueous and other mediums. Industries that use Purolite include potable and ultra-pure water, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. Purolite manufactures very small beads down to 35 microns and has more than 700 types of resins. These resins will purify, separate and decontaminate various industrial products and maintain high efficiency throughout the process.

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