Metals Removal & Recovery

Cation, anion and chelating ion exchange resins can be used to remove metals for recovery and reuse or for removal and disposal. Our metals removal & recovery product lines are extensive and address many applications in the metals processing industries.


Typical metals removal and recovery applications:

  • Metals recovery: including gold, uranium, base metals
  • Impurity removal: purification of electrolyte streams
  • Effluent treatment: ensures adherence to environmental standards and allow recycling and re-use
  • Acid retardation
  • Aluminium, iron and copper from sulphuric acid
  • Iron, nickel and chrome salts from nitric/hydrofluoric acid pickling baths
  • Purification of phosphoric acid pickling baths and chromic acid plating baths
  • Purification of nickel sulphate baths
  • Iron removal from hydrochloric acid pickling baths
  • Recovery of precious metals

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